About Us

We are a dynamic art experience exhibition company that has made art the centre of everything it does.

Through innovation and knowledge, we deliver revolutionary art experiences that engage, inspire and provoke thought. We empower visionary artists by providing them with a global network of artists, designers, museums, and cultural organizations.

As a full-service experiential agency, we provide clients with a 360-degree solution to their art experience needs. We have a passion for art which we believe can transform, inspire, and enrich people’s lives. We are at the forefront of delivering unique and impactful art experiences that redefine what art is and can be.


Piero Cozzi
Benedetta Torino


Alex Zaske
Danilo Capuozzo

Art Exhibitions

Katy Spurrell
Ghislaine Pardo

Business Development & Marketing

Cristina Romelli Gervasoni
Mark Stobbs

Creative & Content Development

Mikaiel Serabian
Nihal Ismail
Martina Margaux
Lorenzo Arrigoni
Anood Moataz A Kurdi
Margherita Romanelli
Laurence Rosier Staines
Christian Panag Viernes

Project Management

Michelle Guerin
Sofia Cozzi
Nathalie Remy
Eleni Sigara
Benjamin Testa
Linah Al Serier
Ayatt El Hartany


Antonella Scoliero

Fabrication and Ops

Moath Mallah
Jim Woodall
Alessandro Rizzuti
Patrick McCarthy
Tony Bastion
Juldibeth Padojenog
Jefferson Martin Senerez

Finance & HR

Emilio Parente
Jasim Hassan
Samiah Andejani
Ejaz Hussain
Asad Tareen
Muneeruddin Mohammed

Business Operations

Yashashwini Ramesh
Claridel Ramos Masing
Zainab Nazzal Ali Alatawi
Lea Durano Melchor
Rahis Alikka Valappil