JAX Creative Space

JAX is a new creative space in Riyadh, a home to all artists, designers, museums and anyone from the creative community. The Aimes Creative Hub in JAX will become a meeting point where artists and designers can create, collaborate, and develop new ideas and projects all under one roof. It will also serve as our KSA Head Office and as a place for our team to work.

cropped version of discussion in the jax creative space
speech at the jax creative space

The space will act as a meeting point for creative minds as well as a centre for innovation and exploration.  A space that will be provide a regular programme of educational talks, workshops and mentoring sessions.  It will be a place where people can learn more about the Art world and the business behind it.

The creative space in JAX is a great example of what The Aimes does best – support existing creative communities by working alongside local and regional artists and designers and developing projects that are built into larger scale cultural programmes.

group of people talking in the jax creative space